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Run Your Instagram® like a CEO 

Instagram Marketing for Business Growth
Build an engaged community and paying clients without having 10K followers, dancing on Reels or constant posting – because none of those things have anything to do with growing revenue.



Raise your hand if...

You feel pressured to dance and point on Reels even though you hate it but you think this is "how things are" on Instagram now.

You're obsessively creating content because you've heard that "the more you post, the more you grow".


You're tired of the same basic advice - "post at the right time", "use hashtags", "add value"... (seriously, tell me something I don't know.)

When you finally post, it gets 14 likes, 80 views and you lose 20 followers. #thepainisreal

You work harder on your Instagram everyday but are still NOT making sales. Seems like everyone else has some "secret formula" except for you. 


The "gurus" have been lying to you

The solution isn’t creating more and more posts. Let's face it, "more" bad content isn't going to help anyone.

The solution is tied to 3 strategies: Marketing, Content & Sales. It's about running your Instagram like the robust revenue machine that it's designed to be.

Results don't just come from little tips and tricks. They come from having a tried and tested plan of action.

If you're an entrepreneur taking more than an hour a day on Instagram, this message is for you...

More sales & less stress? Yes please.

Run Your Instagram® Like a CEO is the only course with a step-by-step business approach to grow an engaged audience, stand out as an expert, add massive value to your customers, and create REAL INCOME, all while enjoying your life again.

Once inside you'll quickly learn to:

  • Grow your account with quality followers.

  • Create HIGH CONVERTING Reels, posts & IG Stories.

  • Get more engagement and love on your posts.

  • Turn your followers into HIGH paying customers without feeling salesly.

  • Get laser clear on a marketing strategy that actually GROWS your business.

This is NOT your basic Instagram course

So, how is this course different?

I know what you're thinking... Can't I just Google my way through learning Instagram®? Can't I just do whatever other IG Coaches tell me to? I've already taken like a billion free webinars on this stuff! What's new here? 

Meet our signature ARC Method™

The ARC Method is a 3-Part system (Attention, Retention & Conversion) for monetizing Instagram regardless of how many followers you have. You'll learn the most effective, simplest and fastest way to make sales on Instagram that comes from 10+ years of proven Instagram experience with over 100 industries.

How does it work?

Untitled design.png


Learn how to get the attention, reach and growth from quality targeted followers.

Untitled design.png


Build an engaged community and establish credibility & trust to move these audiences through the customer journey on the path to purchase.


Get consistent sales by creating HIGH CONVERTING content your people will crave and binge watch in Reels, posts and Stories.

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Take a Peak Inside!

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Run Your Instagram® Like a CEO will give you ALL the tools, skills and support to grow and monetize your business on Instagram® without the overwhelm... YES, you read that right!


What do our students say?


“This is the only Instagram course I've seen that really teaches you how to get more sales unlike everything else that's out in the market. Carole really teaches how  the whole shebang! I followed her system to a t and had 15 people sign up on a MUCH higher ticket. It goes to show this course is magic.”

KATIE BRINKLEY, @iamkatiebrinkley

This course was extraordinarily packed with practical strategies that we could put into action right away. No fluff or BS. We saw an increase in sales of 35% in 2 months!"


Instagram marketing course
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"This training was AMAZING! The framework has meant that I get better results by doing less! I would recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their results and grow their revenue!"


Copy of Live Event Instagram Post (1).pn

What's inside Run Your Instagram® Like a CEO?

Never stress about Instagram® again. I know things can be overwhelming as a business owner — it’s so much to keep up with plus having to do ALL.THE.THINGS.


That’s where this course comes in. No heavy lifting on your part. I've gotten to work with hundreds of industries and thousands of clients to test all the methods and crunched the numbers to give you a signature system that I know works. And it's all inside the course for YOU. 

Module 01

Marketing & Business Strategy

Module 02

Content Strategy

Module 03

Reels Strategy

Module 04

Instagram Story Strategy

Module 05

Sales Strategy

Here's what you'll do inside each module



Marketing & Business Strategy

  • The business approach to Instagram

  • The 4 Marketing strategies every business needs to succeed

  • Top marketing psychology triggers to get people from "Discovery" to PURCHASE


Content Strategy

  • The CEO's posting plan of action

  • Creating the ULTIMATE content strategy for addictive and mouthwatering content

  • How to get engagement on your posts (more comments, shares, saves and likes)

  • What is REALLY the best time to post on Instagram right now?

  • How often should you post as a business


Reels Strategy

  • Creating Reels that grow your business

  • Content ideas & batching framework for CEO's

  • The Reels MONEY MAKING Formula

  • How to make TRENDING Reels

  • How to find collaborations for visibility

  • Creating engaging Reels

  • Creating Reels that build trust

  • Creating Reels that grow your audience

  • Creating Reels that sell

  • Creating original Reels

  • The Reels algorithm 

  • 12 Deadly mistakes to avoid in Reels


IG Story Strategy

  • How to get more Story views and make sticky content that people love

  • How to nurture your community with highly engaging stories 

  • Selling with Stories and getting people to inquire on the DM's about your product

haute-stock-photography-dwell-collection-final-3 (1)_edited_edited.jpg


Sales Strategy

  • How to REALLY convert followers into high paying customers

  • Selling in disguise with content people crave

  • Defining business goals and finding your dream client

  • The 8 types of HIGH CONVERTING content

  • How to launch an organic campaign on Instagram

  • Planning your LIVE launch: WHAT to post WHEN & WHERE

Results speak louder than words

"My Instagram growth, reach and engagement has tripled in just a few months! I'm getting double the clients by implementing all of the strategies I learned inside the course!"



"Finally having a business approach made increasing my revenue go from a dream to a reality!" 


"Finally got off the content hamster wheel and getting my posts to drive sales by implementing an effective marketing strategy"