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I'm Carole Bardasano

Hey there!

I teach businesses owners how to get more GROWTH, ENGAGEMENT, and SALES consistently using Social Media successfully. 



Less Stress

More Sales

There's so much information about Digital Marketing & Social Media that it can be overwhelming. Whether you're a brand, executive or entrepreneur, I can help! 



Hi there! I'm Carole Bardasano and I'm on a mission to help you succeed with Digital Marketing and Social Media.

I've had the great opportunity of working with the best  Fortune 100 companies for 20 years and it's now my purpose to help YOU transform your business into a modern day success story. 

I love helping businesses double and triple their revenue with the power of Digital Marketing. Whether you're a beginner with no experience in digital or just want to step up your game, I'm here to help!


New World, New You.

What if you woke up to DMs saying "You are speaking to me! How can I get your product?" 

What if you knew exactly what to post & became a MAGNET to your customer?

So here's what people get wrong... It's not JUST about content, it's not JUST about the algorithm, it's not JUST about being authentic, and it's certainly not JUST about followers count.


It's about a comprehensive and advanced strategy that regular training courses don't cover. Here I'm giving you the keys so you can scale your business & look like a pro without paying for one.

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3 Secrets to Monetize
Your Instagram

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Learn how to run your Instagram® like a CEO


Create powerful Facebook® & Instagram® 


Instagram® Content Generator

A step-by-step guide to planning Instagram® posts


What do our students say?


“One of my favourite things about Carole’s courses is that she really teaches how to get you more sales and the whole shebang- it was music to my ears! I followed her system to a t and had 15 people sign up on a MUCH higher ticket, it goes to show this course is magic.”

KATIE BRINKLEY @iamkatiebrinkley

Signing up for this course was a no-brainer. I’d been following Carole on Instagram and she shares so much value and expertise, I could tell that she knows her stuff. Her years of marketing experience show in the course material, which was easy-to-follow and to-the-point. I very much appreciate that as a busy business owner! I came away with astronger social media marketing strategy and an action plan that I am excited to implement!


RACHEL ROUHANA @hautestock

Natalie Rotman copy.jpeg

By far the absolute best course to grow your business on Instagram. Not only does it break down how to create amazing content but it teaches you the trenches of how to convert followers to clients with great marketing. My business did a 180 after this course!


Are you ready
to Run Your Instagram® like a CEO


What People


“It's been an awesome experience working with Carole. She knows her work very well and knows how to deliver it in a quality manner. Will really love to work with her again.” 

Rebecca Morgenthaler, Calvin Klein Watches, Swatch Group

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