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I'M Carole bardasano

I teach businesses owners & entrepreneurs how to increase profit using Digital Marketing & Social Media successfully. 

You're in Good company


There's so much information about Digital Marketing & Social Media that it can be overwhelming. Whether you're a brand, executive or entrepreneur, I can help! 

How I Can

Help You

If you are looking for some help or advice on your Digital Marketing or Social Media from your creative, targeting, website design, pixels, analytics, etc., then a One on One Coaching session is what you need.


I’ll spend one to two hours on the phone and give you practical advice - not just theory!


Hi there! I'm Carole and I'm on a mission to help you succeed with Digital Marketing and Social Media.

I've had the great opportunity of working with the best  Fortune 100 companies for 20 years and it's now my purpose to help YOU transform your

business into a modern day success story. 


I love helping businesses double and triple their revenue with the power of Digital Marketing. 

Whether you're a beginner with no experience in digital or just want to step up your game, I'm here to help!


Karen Barroeta, SVP Marketing

- Telemundo

Rebecca Morgenthaler, Sales Manager

- Calvin Klein Watches, Swatch Group

david manuel.jpeg

David Manuel, Marketing Director

- Medieval Times


“Carole is an amazing digital marketer. She trained our team at NBCUniversal and with her guidance, we created a solid strategy and are now ten steps ahead of our competitors.” 



“It's been an awesome experience working with Carole. She knows her work very well and knows how to deliver it in a quality manner. Will really love to work with her again.” 



"Carole is an incredible instructor. She was able to teach an old dog new tricks. I now realize how little I really knew about digital marketing. The class has something for the experienced and inexperienced alike. It is taught in a fun and informative format. Take the class. You will be very glad you did!"

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