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The ultimate Instagram® Marketing Course for Business designed to help you attract hyper-targeted followers, create remarkable content, increase your engagement & turn followers into paying customers. 

You're in good company

Raise your hand if...

You have an Instagram® account, but somehow it has stopped being fun and results aren't that great. You're not generating the revenue you see other people achieving. Why does it have to be so hard? 

You're struggling with less than 10,000 followers and every time you log into Instagram®, you feel sooo teeny tiny compared to everyone. UGH!

You're logging in and posting like your life depends on it. But when you post, it only gets 3 likes... and one of them is from mom. It feels like pulling teeth!! #thepainisreal

You work hard on your content, but keep seeing less and less engagement and no sales. Seems like everyone else has some secret formula except for you. You feel like an outsider looking in wondering "what am I doing wrong?"

You've been on Instagram® for a while, you're frustrated and about to break up with it... For real this time.

Helloooo, this IG thing takes so much time. Oh and did I mention it takes physical energy, discipline and self-confidence? Yes, you will have times when you want to quit. Comparison-itis galore! HAPPENS TO ALL OF US. But please don’t quit. If you're at a point in your business where you need strategies that go beyond hashtags and memes, then you're in the right place.

Getting paid while using IG? What?

Here's the thing... I know that your business has incredible potential. So what if you could get your hands on the #1 system used by top brands?

Once on The Gram Mastery™ you'll quickly learn to:

  • Grow your Instagram® account with quality followers.

  • Get more engagement from your community (Likes, Shares, & Saves).

  • Know what content to post on each placement and how often with a proven roadmap.

  • Run Instagram ads the way agencies do (no more wasting $$$ on "boosting").

  • To turn your followers into high paying & returning customers.

The Gram Mastery™ is not an Instagram® course,

it's THE Instagram® course.

So, how is this course different?

I know what you're thinking... Can't I just Google my way through learning Instagram®? Can't I just do whatever other IG Coaches tell me to? I've already taken like a billion free webinars on this stuff! What's new here?

Here's where it's going to get really exciting: our Instagram® blueprint is based on our proprietary TGM Instagram® Method used by top brands and has generated over $25mm in revenue in the past 5 years.

We've been asked thousands of times to release the exact Social Media strategy we've used on brands to generate sales. It's what happens backstage that makes businesses shoot to superstardom. 


define niche, define what problem you solve, define target

SEO, placements, campaigns, IG Stories, contests, paid Ads

post planning, content pillars, engagement formula


This is your VIP access backstage. Your Instagram® success is here!

"Carole is an amazing Instagram® trainer. She trained our team at NBCUniversal and we increased our traffic by 1,300% and the engagement rate on our social media accounts by 2,700%!!"


EVP, NBCUniversal 

"The Gram Mastery™ was extraordinarily packed with information that we could put into action right away. We saw an increase in sales of 35% in 2 months!"


Calvin Klein Watches

"This training was AMAZING! Carole explained everything perfectly and gave such great examples. I now have the tools and a great framework. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to learn to improve their results and grow their revenue!"


American Airlines

What do our students say?


what's inside The Gram Mastery?

Inside TGM you'll learn a proven method to drive business from your Instagram page by generating awareness, building meaningful relationships, and earn real REVENUE from Instagram.

  You'll access the ultimate step by step program to update & upgrade effectively in 2021: Stories, Hashtags, Live, Copywriting, Content, Reels, Ads and more. 

module 1

Instagram Marketing Fundamentals

Instagram Marketing Fundamentals

module 1

module 1

Instagram Marketing Fundamentals

Instagram Marketing Fundamentals

module 1

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What's inside The Gram Mastery™?

Inside TGM, you'll learn a proven method to drive business from your Instagram® page by generating awareness, building meaningful relationships, and earning REVENUE from the platform.

  You'll access the only implementation program of its kind and the most comprehensive course online about Instagram® Marketing for Business (for physical products or service based industries). 

Module 01

Instagram® Marketing Fundamentals

Module 02

Decoding the Algorithm in 2021

Module 03

Creating Remarkable Content

Module 04

Writing Powerful Captions

Module 05

Post Planning Without Overwhelm

Module 06

Module 07

Converting Followers into Customers

Growth & Engagement using Email & Influencers

Module 08

Analyzing & Optimizing

Module 09

Planning & Strategy

Module 10

How to run successful Instagram@ Ads

Here's what you'll do inside

each module


Instagram® Marketing  Fundamentals

  • Picking a niche (breakdown of most profitable niches in 2021).

  • Defining goals and KPI's.

  • The art of the perfect Instagram Bio.

  • How to conduct competitive research so you become the leader in your industry.

  • Learn the pro hashtag strategy to attract quality followers.

  • Defining your feed and branding: graphic elements, brand colors, cover photos.


Decoding the Algorithm in 2021

  • Learn what are the top ranking signals in 2021.

  • 8 steps to have the algorithm work with you instead of against you.

  • Learn what type of content the algorithm favors.

  • How to have a stream of new, loyal and engaged followers showing up every day.

  • Get a precise roadmap of what to post about, when to post, and how to engage with your followers to get the reach your content deserves.


Creating your Ultimate Content Plan

  • How to develop an Instagram Content strategy for Feed, Stories, Reels, Lives & IGTV.

  • Learn how to create outstanding stories, how to increase views and how to boost your engagement.

  • All about REELS: content pillars, how to add music, voiceovers and edit your reels.

  • Instagram Live pro tips so you never feel lost or awkward again.

  • IGTV content and how to plan a recurring series where your followers keep coming back for more.

  • Instagram photography masterclass: how to use the pro hacks so your images stop the scroll.


Power Captions that Connect

  • Learn how to write captions that engage, story-tell and ultimately convert your followers.

  • Get the exact caption formula used by top accounts so you never have to be a victim of writers block.

  • Different tones of voice you can use for your brand so you connect in a more meaningful way with your audience.

  • What is microblogging and how to take advantage of this new trend for your reach and algorithm.


Guide to Content Planning  & Posting  Consistency

  • How to create your content plan to create short term & long term events so you stay organized.

  • Content calendar creation for objective & content type by creating the perfect content mix.

  • Learn the available planning and scheduling apps available and how to use them.

  • How to measure success with each content pillar & forecast for future content creation.


Growth using eMail & Influencers

  • Increase the reach of your account so more people discover your brand using eMail Marketing and Influencer Marketing strategies.

  • How to grow your account with quality followers (because bots don't pay bills!)​​

  • Top engagement tactics that the traditional Instagrammer doesn't know.

  • How to do proper community management so your account doesn't end up in the social media ER.


Converting Followers to Customers

  • The psychology of selling: increase sales faster and easier by tapping into the key human emotions the 'gram way.

  • How to put together an organic Instagram® campaign.

  • How to position yourself as an expert in your field.

  • Learn the 311 Framework that never fails.

  • Setting up Instagram® shops.


Analyzing & Optimizing

  • Which Instagram® metrics are key and how to ditch the rest so you can focus on what matters. 

  • How to optimize your strategy based on Insights.

  • Instagram Story metrics and what they mean so you can increase views and growth.

  • Right posting time and frequency based on your specific metrics and industry best practices.

  • What are Instagram® KPI's and how to track them for business growth.


Strategy & Planning

  • How to put together an Instagram® strategy professionally, whether it's for your brand or your clients. 

  • Determining the right goals for your business and how to create the right content to reach your objectives.

  • 7-Step Formula to create a strategy for your business and leave the guessing work out.

  • Learn how to plan so you get structure in your work day and aren't just posting, posting, posting!


How to Run Instagram Ads

  • Never ever "boost" a post and lose money again. 

  • Learn how to use Ads Manager the way professional agencies do.

  • How to choose objectives & placement to reach your dream customer.

  • What is the right type of creative and copy for ads (hint: not the same as organic!).

  • How to install the Facebook pixel and do Retargeting to bring warm customers back.

  • Full Technical Training on the Ads Manager.

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Exactly what I needed! 

"Carole takes a business-first approach which is unique compared to other courses and explains everything in a way that you can understand even if you're just starting out in just a few days! The course is all I needed to grow my business and income."


Royal Caribbean

You know I love an extra treat! So, are you ready to ditch the content overwhelm and finally get sales? I think I heard YES! 


You'll get the exact strategies needed to generate revenue while still loving your life...Not questioning every post and getting down on yourself (goodbye cold sweats!)​. You'll get content prompts, hashtag lists and most importantly real time support from your's truly on our Live Group Coaching calls (this will be your secret weapon against your competition but shhhh...I won't tell if you don't).

What about


Here are your bonuses to make you IG unstoppable


Exclusive "Members-only" Live group calls

This will be your favorite secret weapon to make sure you’re generating momentum throughout the entire program. On these calls, I’ll be holding a Q&A for you to ask any questions and help you and your biz on your Instagram® success journey!


No-Fuss Hashtag List

So why are hashtags so critical in Instagram® marketing? Well, posts that use the right hashtags gain a 12.6% increase in engagement and 37% in reach. When used strategically, hashtags can provide you with an added benefit to your IG strategy. 


53 Magnetic Content Prompts

Boost your Instagram® with these fool-proof content prompts for every specific placement within the platform: Feed, Stories, Reels, Lives and IGTV. This list is meant to help you create remarkable content that generates engagement, stay consistent and promote your brand.

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It's time to take a business-first approach to Instagram® so the platform works for you and not the other way around.

So, are you ready to monetize your               



3 monthly payments of

  • Entire Gram Mastery Course (10 modules)


  • 53 Magnetic content prompts for Posts, Reels, Stories & more

  • No-fuss Hashtag list

  • Exclusive "Members-Only" Live Group Coaching calls


1  payment of

  • Entire Gram Mastery Course (10 modules)


  • 53 Magnetic content prompts for Posts, Reels, Stories & more

  • No-fuss Hashtag list

  • Exclusive "Members-Only" Live Group Coaching calls

Real students with real results

"I have tried different strategies and methods even lost a lot of money. Until i was introduced to this new course that got me back on track and I have been able to see consistent growth!". 


"I cannot stop recommending this course to everyone I know! It's just filled with knowledge and Carole is absolutely incredible. I am so happy I decided to register". 


"100% recommend any class with Carole. She delivers complex information in a clear way that makes you feel ready to tackle anything!". 


Meet your Instagram® teacher & new biz bestie

I’m Carole Bardasano, Certified Digital Marketer, algorithm avenger, and results obsessed entrepreneur! Most of all, I’m totally passionate about empowering you & your business.


I've been in Marketing for 20 years working with Fortune 500 companies such as NBC, Warner Bros., Swatch Group, Viacom, NBA, GQ Magazine, L'Oréal, American Airlines, US Navy and others. My purpose for founding The Digital Buzz is to help people learn and achieve their goals while driving profit with the strategic use of Social Media.


We've taught over 2,000 professionals like yourself get an edge over competitors and double their revenue.


I'm giving you the step-by-step system used by top brands so YOU can monetize your Instagram® too!

What if creating an effective Instagram® strategy was easy?

GOOD NEWS! You don't need to be a big influencer or a brand with 100K followers to start making money in your business. But what you do need is to upgrade your strategy to what actually works in 2021. With TGM you'll have:


Have a powerful Instagram® and scale your business so you can reach more people who LOVE what you have to offer.


Spend less time scrolling or posting every day, because now you have a system so you can get back to what you rather be doing (hello free time, I've missed you!)


Finally start monetizing your account and convert your following (even less than 10K) into loyal, paying clients who keep coming back.

Your A-to-Z system for dream client connection that drives profit.

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Imagine this...

You completely sell out your products or services by generating brand love, remarkable content and excitement for your offer. 


You know exactly what to say and how to show up on Stories, Reels, Lives and all new Instagram® placements.


You build an online business that your audience needs, create content your target loves and convert followers into loyal customers.


You have a precise roadmap of what to post and how to reach your audience effectively so you create scale and stop trading hours for dollars.


You finally crack the code to getting your services and products into the hands of your ideal client.


You wake up to an inbox full of DMs with excited prospects inspired by your brand and looking to buy from you.

The Gram Mastery™ by the numbers

We know a thing or two about making money on Instagram® here at The Digital Buzz. Check out what our program delivered to the brands we worked with just in 2020 alone:

Unlike other programs, our methods go beyond simple strategies and mentoring techniques. We know that gimmicks don’t create long-term results – a business-first approach is the key to your success. Even a great strategy won’t succeed without the right way to implement it. 

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banners wix.png


is this course for?

Regardless of what you do, I'm sure of one thing: you want results without having to spend hours on Instagram® EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Whether you're...

An entrepreneur, brand, coach, or traditional marketer, who has an Instagram® account and doesn't want yet another basic IG course because helloooo, you have a business to run and need to start seeing real REVENUE. 


A service provider who's tired of trading dollars for hours and is ready to build a business that impacts lives and adds to your bottom line.


A corporate employee who dreams of ditching the cubicle and the 9-5, while delivering quality work for clients or running your own online biz from wherever you want (Bahamas? Paris? We teach, you decide!) 

By the end of this program you will have:

TGM goes way beyond Instagram® posting to not only grow your IG but your business as a whole.

Proven Instagram® strategy framework

Receive meaningful engagement from your content and get opportunities flooding into your DM's daily.

Increase in engagement & DM's

See an increase in targeted, new followers who are actually a good fit for your offer.

Growth of targeted quality followers

A "business-first" approach that teaches you how to monetize your current following while growing leads.

More leads & conversions = PROFIT

The ONLY Instagram® course for business that teaches you an Organic + Paid Instagram® strategy to scale your business to 5, 6 & 7 figures.

What if you woke up to DM’s saying "You are speaking to me! How can I get your product?" 

What if you knew exactly what to post & became a MAGNET to your customer?

So here's what people get wrong... It's not JUST about content, it's not JUST about the algorithm, it's not JUST about being authentic, and it's certainly not JUST about followers.


It's about a comprehensive and advanced strategy that regular training courses don't cover. Here I'm giving you the keys so you can scale your business & look like a pro without paying for one.

New world,

New you.

White Washed Wood

Student wins:

The secrets out! You CAN show up on Instagram® successfully, you CAN be an authority your audience knows and loves, and you CAN double your income.

Not your average Instagram® course

Help me help YOU (this is personal)

Back in 2015, I started The Digital Buzz to bring joy back to doing Social Media Marketing. But I was over fast, cheap tips and tricks that just didn’t work. I wasn’t into the lengthy, expensive courses either. 

Over the last 5 years, we've taught thousands of students with one goal in mind: Online results for everyone.

I realized most people don’t have the results they would like or deserve. The reason? Online marketing is hard. It’s that simple. Running a business is tricky, Instagram® is fussy, and the right tools are hard to find. 

We believe no matter who you are, where you live or what you do, you deserve online revenue that allows you to live your best life.

So here's what I would like to ask for you. Make 2021 the year of YES. The year of investing in yourself. 

I can't wait to meet you and cheer you on to your inevitable success!

YOU belong here

Convert your Instagram followers into paying customers using a proven strategy without having to post every day.


Instagram Course
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 I'm ready to join


3 monthly payments of

  • Entire Gram Mastery Course (10 modules)


  • 53 Magnetic content prompts for Posts, Reels, Stories & more

  • Ultimate Hashtag list

  • Exclusive "Members-Only" Live Group Coaching calls


1  payment of

  • Entire Gram Mastery Course (10 modules)


  • 53 Magnetic content prompts for Posts, Reels, Stories & more

  • Ultimate Hashtag list

  • Exclusive "Members-Only" Live Group Coaching calls

What joining The Gram Mastery™ means for you

Go from this...

To this...

Going radio silent on Instagram® :( What the heck do I post? What do I say? What are the cool kids doing? AHHH! *keeps scrolling mindlessly without posting*.

Posting with purpose because you now have a solid game plan. You now know Instagram® is less about popularity and more about profitability (no shame in running it like a biz).

When you finally post, the crickets are so loud, you CAN'T concentrate on anything else. You log-in continuously and see no engagement. Wait, did the algo send you to IG jail and you don't even know it?

You're clear on your target, niche, offer and have an advanced Marketing strategy (because using hashtags isn't one) so your posts are full of value, authenticity and relatability. You're shown instant LOVE with hundreds of likes, comments, shares, and saves. 

You're finally posting EVERY DAY like other IG "gurus" told you to. But now you're super busy being BUSY. Except, you're not generating any sales. Seriously, is working for free a thing?

You have a full-funnel content strategy where you know exactly the pillars you need for engagement, connection, trust and promotion. Your roadmap is clear so you'r not just posting for posting. 

You're boosting posts throwing $10, $20, even $200 to the posts they told you were performing 85% better than the others. But still no sales. You throw in the towel and join others in the same sad song "FB Ads don't work, fa la la". (Still no sales).

You stop boosting because you know that's for rookies. You're now running campaigns on Ads Manager like professional agencies do. You're ALL about those Objectives, Custom Audiences, Retargeting, Pixels, A/B testing. You SELL OUT your product. No one can stop you now. And no one should EVEN try.

This could be you...

My business just skyrocketed! If I can do it, you all can too!

"$27K in new business with less than 1,000 followers. WHAT?! screams* I have grown my engagement x10 and I'm making sales through my stories while creating an amazing community using EVERY strategy in the course. IT JUST WORKS! Thank you for helping me transform my Instagram game and make my business profitable as a result."

GABRIELA JOA, Hype Venture

You have questions,

we have answers


Absolutely not! The program is designed to help those with no experience to quickly acquire the skills in a practical way.



Yes! The content is designed at a beginner to advanced level. Many times even experienced marketers are not executing the best strategies or they have gaps in their knowledge.



There are thousands of self-proclaimed experts out there offering online trainings. The one thing they all have in common is that they just give you a piece of the puzzle. Some of the richest "gurus" out there will break up keys to IG success into 10 different "fast action" pieces or memberships to be purchased separately. This just strings customers along, using psychology to get them hooked without actually leaving them better off.


This is NOT how we decided to run our business. We want to give people EVERYTHING they genuinely needed to have an impact online and achieve profitability by following a method that works. 



Lifetime access.



It includes lifetime access to ALL 10 modules, access to the Exclusive Members-Only Group Live coaching sessions, a complete hashtag list by industry, content prompts for feed, stories, reels and more to further help with your Instagram® success.



We suggest a commitment of 2-3 hours weekly and to avoid jumping ahead as the method is structured for the best results. The course is completed at your own pace so you'll get what you put in.


It's for both! The strategies, frameworks and actionable steps are meant to be successfully implemented on any type of Instagram® business or niche account.


This course is not for you if you want to become famous, you want to grow overnight or you're looking for fast results without putting in the work.


We would love to hear from you! Write us at:

Earn a living doing something you care about


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