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FREE Insta-Business Bundle

It's time to stop wondering how others are making sales online! It'd be fun & easy, they said... And yet, it seems like everyone is celebrating revenue growth except for you...*sigh*.


A successful business needs a plan that uses Instagram® with tactics that go beyond the platform. It requires implementing several tasks using an effective Digital Marketing strategy. 

That's why we've done all the work for you with the brand-new Ultimate Insta-Business Bundle package that includes:





Grow your 

with Digital Marketing

Here's what's inside the

Insta-Business Bundle

Over $800 worth of tools & resources completely FREE so you can make success your new normal in 2021!

instagram® growth guide

VALUE - $97

19 growth hacks used by the pros and actionable ways to supercharge your engagement & growth on Instagram. Build loyalty, retention and translate followers into customers.

instagram® content generator

VALUE - $125

Instagram® template with idea prompts and drop-downs for creating scroll stopping content that is relatable, engaging & drives sales in posts, Stories, Reels, Lives & IGTV without ever having to rack your brain about what to post ever again.

how to sell online 101

VALUE - $197

The Ultimate eBook to starting your first Ecommerce Business. This detailed 63-page blueprint will teach you how to build, launch and grow a profitable online store even if you've never had an eCommerce website.

Digital marketing strategy template

VALUE - $350

Create an integrated digital marketing plan for your Instagram business in minutes with our detailed template and establish a strategy that your entire business can work from with techniques that go beyond the platform.


I'm a Certified Digital Marketer, algorithm avenger, and results obsessed entrepreneur! Most of all, I’m totally passionate about empowering you & your business.


I've been in Marketing for 20 years working with Fortune 500 companies such as NBC, Warner Bros., Swatch Group, Viacom, NBA, GQ Magazine, L'Oréal and others. My purpose for founding The Digital Buzz is to help people learn and achieve their goals while driving profit with the strategic use of Social Media.

I believe that the time has come for traditional Digital Marketing to be shaken up. It is time to bring back joy to Instagram® and most importantly get results that make a difference!

Believe it or not, you CAN grow your business without struggling so much.

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