Get Certified with everything you need to know to develop a Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy.

Last updated: February 2021


The Digital Marketing and Social Media intensive training is designed for working professionals with the latest cutting edge skills in the industry. In this fast-paced, interactive and fun training you will learn how to develop a fully integrated plan that includes the digital landscape. Topics we'll cover include:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Google Ads

  • Digital Display Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Instagram Master Class

  • Video Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Best Practices

  • Case Studies

  • Actionable Insights

  • How to put together a Digital Marketing Plan

  • 2020 trends

The most trusted and recognized Digital Marketing Training for entrepreneurs & professionals

hired by leading companies including:

now tell me, is this you?

You've been in business for a while but the thought of getting into Digital Marketing is completely overwhelming. If you hear one more time that you need to spend days, nights and weekends on Instagram begging for clients to come, you’re going to throw your phone into outer space!


You're fairly new to business and are seeing there's no WAY you're gonna catch up to the Digital Marketing game. You don't want to spend years "paying your dues" because helloooo, you have a business to run and you just don’t have the time.


You're a boss, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, working professional, coach, creative, realtor, physical trainer, agency or just a human who’s actively looking to raise the Friday paycheck. Things are ok but in your heart you know that you could do much better. You want to empower your business to ACTUALLY get results!


You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure this Digital Marketing thing out once and for all, putting in time and getting your biz a little bit closer to that long-term asset that serves your family.

about this training

SCHEDULE:  Online training and at your own pace

AVAILABILITY:  Lifetime access

LENGTH:  10 Modules (9 h. 43m)

LEVEL:  Beginner / Intermediate. No prior experience necessary

CERTIFICATION:  Diploma in Digital Marketing & Social Media Advanced Training


5/5. Total: 1,238 Students

Executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, traditional marketers, creatives, pretty much everyone! This is for any person who wishes to get an understanding of Digital Marketing and wants to implement an integrated marketing strategy.

A dynamic training that will expose you to the most relevant skillset, latest trends and case studies to improve your marketing. Trainings are interactive so you can get all your questions answered and get the most out of the program.

You will learn about all Digital Marketing disciplines, Social Media strategies, online platforms and tools so you achieve a solid understanding of Digital Marketing and have an advantage over your coworkers and competitors.


what can you expect?

what you will learn?


Karen Barroeta, SVP Marketing

- Telemundo


“Carole is an amazing digital marketer. She trained our team at NBCUniversal and with her guidance, we created a solid strategy and are now ten steps ahead of our competitors.” 


Rebecca Morgenthaler, Sales Manager

- Calvin Klein Watches, Swatch Group


“It's been an awesome experience working with Carole. She knows her work very well and knows how to deliver it in a quality manner. Will really love to work with her again.” 


David Manuel, Marketing Director

- Medieval Times


"Carole is an incredible instructor. She was able to teach an old dog new tricks. I now realize how little I really knew about digital marketing. The class has something for the experienced and inexperienced alike. It is taught in a fun and informative format. Take the class. You will be very glad you did!"

Invest in Yourself & Your Career.

Whether you've been waiting for the right time to learn Digital Marketing or struggling to bring change to your business, this will be the training to get you the big breakthrough you've been waiting for.

Build in-demand skills and earn valuable credentials!

· You know exactly what to say and how to show up on Instagram, video, eMail, your website and all digital platforms.


· You build an online business that your audience needs, create content your target loves and convert followers into loyal customers.


· You have a precise roadmap of what digital channels to activate and how to reach your audience effectively so you create scale and stop trading hours for dollars.


· You finally crack the code to getting your services and products into the hands of your ideal client.


· You don't have to wrack your brain to come up with crazy hacks that don't work anymore.


meet your trainer

Carole Bardasano

Certified Digital Marketer and

Master Trainer

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Carole is one of the leading experts in Digital Marketing and Media in the industry, and has over 20 years of experience working for Fortune 500 Companies. With her work in senior roles at Swatch Group,  Viacom, NBC Universal, FremantleMedia  and Warner Bros, she combines a thorough knowledge of traditional marketing as well as an in-depth expertise on how to integrate these new Digital Marketing Strategies for business success.

While at Swatch Group, she grew the brand's online revenue by 72% and collaborated with the NBA, Macy's, GQ Magazine and Tourneau in the company's key digital marketing campaigns and partnerships. While at NBCUniversal, Carole helped the company increase online traffic by 1,300% and engagement rate by 2,700%.

Carole Bardasano holds a Post-Graduate degree in Digital Marketing & Social Media from the University of San Francisco; a Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing from Harvard University, and is Google AdWords, Google Analytics & Facebook Blueprint Certified.

Join the Movement!

Come be a part of the Digital Marketing experience. Build in-demand skills and earn valuable credentials. Join other professionals and grow your career while gaining knowledge that is critical for business success.

The days of being intimidated by

Digital Marketing are over!


Implement a Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy that generates revenue (even if you have no experience!)


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